Teaching arrangements:

  • For all children starting at Simpson Tuition, I arrange a free pre- assessment discussion with parents and the child concerned, so we can discuss your child’s needs and agree on the areas I will be focussing on, as well as arranging a suitable day and time for the weekly term time session. This also enables children to meet me and see the teaching base before they begin.
  • Each child is taught from their own starting point to accommodate individual needs and abilities. The small groups enable children to have the support needed, whilst providing opportunity to practise independently within the session whilst other children are working. This is critical to enable children to transfer skills learned from the sessions, back in to a classroom situation or when carrying out tests.
  • The children are able to work in a safe and secure environment, building confidence in the subjects they are focussing on, without the concern of comparison to others. This really helps children to keep up the momentum during the session.
  • Mrs Simpson will keep you updated about your child’s progress and will be tracking this carefully over the sessions, providing short feedback at the end of each visit.

When do the lessons take place?

  • Lessons run daily Monday- Friday during Term Time:
  • 3.45pm- 4.45pm
  • 5.00pm- 6.00pm

Price list:

  • £25.00 per hour per child for group lessons; there will only be a maximum of 3 children within a group.
  • Pre assessments are free, as well as an initial discussion with Mrs Simpson before weekly lessons begin.
  • Payments are made via direct debit monthly and payments are taken in advance. Sessions will take place during term time via weekly slots.

Where do parents and carers go during the session?

Children are left with Mrs Simpson during the session. Parents can either wait in their car or venture in to Horam where there are local amenities. We also have plenty of walking on our doorstep to pass the time.

During the COVID pandemic, please do not enter the house, but wait outside the porch entrance. This is to protect everyone at this time. Once this is lifted, there is a lovely waiting room with comfy chairs that you will be able to use whilst you wait.

Carrying out an assessment:

All children signing on to Simpson Tuition will be required to come for a pre -assessment, which will last around 25 minutes. This is free. This will enable me to gauge where child are and the areas that need working on to begin with. I have a great deal of experience in supporting children who may be struggling as well as those who are excelling and wanting greater challenge. After the assessment, I will have an informal chat with parents and carers to discuss the child and the focus of the sessions, as well as arranging a weekly slot.

What to do if your child is unable to attend a session:

Parents and carers are required to give 24 hours notice if a child becomes unwell, so that I am able to offer the slot to others. A catch up lesson will be arranged in this instance.

Please call or text on: 07846830477 with the name of the child and the time they are not attending. If you want to stop lessons at any stage, I will require one month’s notice. Lessons not attended without notice may be liable to the usual fee.

Documentation of Simpson Tuition:

I will need to keep emergency contact details of each child that I teach, including any essential medical information. This will be kept secure to comply with GDPR and will only be used in an emergency. These details will only be seen by Mrs Simpson and kept confidential.

Expectations of the session:

Pupils are expected to maintain high standards of behaviour, to maximise their learning opportunities and so that other pupils are not disturbed from their learning. Any inappropriate behaviour will be reported back to the parent or carer so that they have the opportunity to speak with their child so that the situation can be rectified. Any continuation of poor behaviour will result in termination of the sessions.

Getting here:

Simpson Tuition is located near Heathfield between Vines Cross and Warbleton. Full details of address will be given once I have been contacted directly and a pre-assessment is arranged.

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