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Simpson Tuition Vision:

I have worked as a Primary teacher in 4 different schools for 22 years across all age ranges. I have been the Head of School and Acting Headteacher for nearly 8 years within a local Primary School. This has given me an excellent knowledge of the curriculum and what children need to achieve by the time they leave in year 6.

Throughout my time in leadership, I have continued to teach in all classes where needed, as well as providing specific booster support for groups of year 2 and year 6 pupils to accelerate progress.

I went in to education to make a difference to children. Teaching is an absolute passion of mine; ensuring that children excel and have the chance to show their capabilities. Often, children need the confidence and practise in order to excel within a subject. My aim is to help children build confidence; to thrive and excel so that they are able to show their true capabilities and as a consequence, have doors opened to them which may not have been possible before.

This is not just about passing tests or doing well in National tests. It is about developing life skills so that children have the opportunity to do a range of jobs in the future; are positioned in the right group when in secondary school so they are able to excel and fly. I am skilled at doing this and through my excellent knowledge of the curriculum and supporting children in both subjects for the last 22 years, including accelerating progress for pupils in year 2 and year 6, I know that I can help children bridge gaps in learning.

National testing at the end of year 6 forms the basis of where children are placed in secondary, grouped according to results and teacher assessment. Year 6 results are also used as a target to base GCSE results on and form the child’s pathway. This is why it is crucial for children to do as well as they can in these National Curriculum tests.

Whether your child is struggling or requiring extra challenge, I will give children the opportunity to be placed in the best possible place for secondary school. I inspire children to want to do well and to enjoy the subject they are learning. I am able to offer support to any child, whether they are struggling or excelling, helping to achieve age related expectations or greater depth.

Simpson Tuition will enable your child to pursue their dreams and secure opportunities for the future.